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3 tips to avoid the reach decline

It is not just a rumor, Facebook’s reach continues to decline… How can we avoid it?

Facebook confirms its reach decline

In a document published by Facebook for Businesses, Facebook confirms the decline of its reach. It explains that there are more contents that should be displayed in the News Feed than people are able to consume. So they decided to gradually decline the organic reach in order to put into lights posts that generates more actions from the users.


3 tips to avoid the reach decline

1/ Buy a Facebook campaign


Facebook advises to use paid distribution on its platform. It allows you to reach people that are not part of your fans.The total reach will be more important than the organic reach.

With the Facebook Social Graph you will be able to target the right audience regarding the location, demographics data, or people’s interest. You could use different types of ads(classic, sponsorized posts, etc.) depending on your goals (rise of like, clic to your site…).

2/ A rich content

To generate a reach, the content has to be rich ! Indeed, it is important that the brand choose a creative strategy with an interesting content. An interesting content can totally be the only source of user’s engagement.

The page and the posts should be appealing. The homepage is important: you have to take the time to constantly update your Facebook cover, and to join photos and videos to your posts. The content should be as important as the form. You have to choose informative posts wheather than advertising content because Facebook push the content in its News Feed.


3/ Maintain a good relationship with your fans

The relationship between the brand and its audience is everything. A reactive brand who knows how to communicate in real time brings an added value to the post. The tone employed reflects the brand image. Be careful not to be too much comfortable on your comments.


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