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How to boost sales over the holidays

The holidays will be here before you know it, and brands are already hard at work coming up with marketing plans for achieving maximum visibility during the holiday season. Their goal: originality and a high profile in order to boost sales during this critical period. This global peak period is THE time of year when every single brand must absolutely ramp up its marketing efforts. In 2014, 28 million French consumers selected or bought their holiday gifts online. According to this study, 7 online shoppers (people who had made an online purchase in the past) out of 10 bought their presents online. For the ridesharing site BlaBlaCar, the season is about holiday vacations, which means an increase in travel between cities. This was the perfect opportunity for this e-commerce site to boost its sales. 1 / Animating and engaging the community Today, this highly successful brand has a large community of loyal ridesharers to spread the word about its service. In France alone, it has 700,000 Facebook fans, and nearly 3 million worldwide. 
 Interview with Alice Chasseriaud, Head of Global Communication, and Alexandra Mounoury, Community and Content Manager at BlaBlaCar BlaBlaCar’s performance depends primarily on the size of its community and their engagement. It’s the community that keeps BlaBlaCar going: they exchange with each other, plan trips together, and get to know each other. They’re connected through their ridesharing experiences. To galvanize this community, the brand must be attentive and responsive, especially as the holidays approach. It has to find original and engaging ways to animate its community of users in order to catch their attention and lead them to the sale. To this end, BlaBlaCar naturally decided to launch a promotion to animate and reward its fans....

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Kontest becomes a major player in Data Collection

As part of a major update of our marketing application platform, we announced today a partnership with Bime Analytics. With this change, Kontest becomes the first Data Collection Platform (DCP) in the market. A new mission: Organizing customer insight After 5 years of operation, with a first funding round in 2014 and a strategic partnership with Hootsuite that same year, Kontest is embarking on a new phase as it expands into the data collection market. Until now, Kontest was positioned as the developer of a platform for creating and distributing multichannel marketing promotions. Since Kontest was launched, its clients have converted 13 million users into qualified leads through its platform. Today, the company announced a strategic partnership with the Bime Analytics solution. This alliance with a French Business Intelligence leader allows Kontest and its platform to cross the bridge into Data Marketing. Through this partnership, Kontest acquires the Audience Dashboard, a new tool that is now included in its new « Enterprise » plan, announced today. This dashboard collects a significant amount of valuable information, allowing users of Kontest marketing applications to organize and act on their customer insights in order to better manage their digital strategy throughout the year. In addition, the Kontest interface now displays useful key indicators, such as average exposure time per game, changes in engagement rates from one campaign to another, and identification of influencers. This project is the culmination of three years of collaboration between Laura Duhommet, Chief Data Officer at Kontest, and Nicolas Dugué, who holds a doctorate in theoretical computer science and specializes in social network studies. Kontest becomes a Data Collection Platform Many features have been added to Kontest’s existing technology in order to create the first platform dedicated to personal data...

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The Skill Game : the new fun and addictive game perfect for Christmas

An innovative game We are launching this month a brand new game perfect for campaigns the Holidays season : the Skill Game. The principle is very simple: the participant must hit the target with a shot -you choose how many times it should be done -while avoiding a moving obstacle in order to participate in a draw. This original game is guaranteed to amuse young and old alike. The participant is challenged and must pay attention to the accuracy of their shots, reach the minimum number of shots and avoid the obstacle which he must anticipate all movements. Totally immersed in the world created by your brand, entrants will enjoy this game and have fun. With this new advergame, brands are able to give their fans an unique experience, more interactive and less intrusive than a traditional advertising campaign or emailing. To access the draw, the player meet a challenge : to reach the number of shots required to be qualified. The presence of an obstacle makes the game even more addictive! It is possible to change the visual of the game while it is online. The game can evolve over time in terms of the visual environment but also to levels of difficulty. This kind of game can also become viral since it can be shared via social networks or email. Totally customizable With this game, the possibilities in terms of customization are endless for brands. It is therefore possible to integrate visual elements of a communication campaign predefined or to imagine a game in accordance with the season (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter …). The presence or absence of the moving obstacle is configurable, as well as the weight and speed of the projectile. Both elements will make...

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A better experience for a greater performance

Brands who want to develop their presence on the web have to think of their user experience. This concept is deeply bounded with the psychology of the human being. It measures the pleasure and the feeling before and after its navigation on an interface. The User Experience (UX) begins with the study of the needs, habits and difficulties of the user. The brand have to think of all these assets to build its strategy and the design of its interface to positively connect with his visitor. A recent study showed that companies that make big investment in user experience obtain a return that was three times higher on average. A great user experience will win the trust of the user. This will have a positive effect on the number of participations of a promotional application and on the sales of an ecommerce website. To improve the web surfing comfort, brands need to work on : interface clarity, the simplicity of the use, the responsiveness of the interactions and the quality of contents. « Focus on the user, the rest will follow. » Extract from the Google Manifest Google offers tools to improve the user experience The UX is essential in every stage of the elaboration of a project, from the content strategy to the building of the visual interface. This interface is the first thing that a user will see so it can be neglected! The design facilitates the readibility of the informations and improve ergonomics. To stick to the current trends in web design, Google recently introduced the Material Design: a visual language thought to maximize the ease of navigation and simplify the handling of applications. To be as intuitive as possible, it is directly inspired by materials...

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5 creative examples of Vine contests

Created about 2 years ago, Vine – the video application acquired by Twitter – is getting bigger everyday : more than 40 millions of users 5 Vines are shared every second on Twitter   (Sources : Vine Août 2013 and Infographic TAMBA) Brands are going to be using Vine more and more Why? Those Vines are shared 4 times more than similar videos on usual social networks. The 6 seconds limitation on Vine incentivize creativity and innovation. Brands benefit from the power of Vine’s network, and also of Twitter and Facebook’s -where the videos are mostly published. Vine is also a good way to reach early adopters. Some brands use Vine to create promotional ads and to communicate about their products or solutions in an original way. Calvin Klein has launched a Vine campaign only a week after the app release. Since the lights are still out… #SB47 — Calvin Klein (@CalvinKlein) 4 Février 2013 Some other brands try to connect with their community through creative challenges. Take a look at these 5 contests using Vine technology. 1 / « Les petites histoires » by La Redoute La Redoute claims to be the first brand to team up with Vine for a contest campaign in France. The brand has launched a contest called « les petites histoires »(the little stories) in partnership with Daily ELLE. Their idea was simple : entrants had to film their favourite object in a Vine and post it with the hashtag #lespetiteshistoires. They had a chance to win decorative objects exposed in the TV spots. #lespetiteshistoires de shopping à La Redoute ! #vine — La Redoute (@LaRedouteFr) 15 Mars 2013 La Redoute also produced TV spots to promote this campaign La Redoute chose a simple theme to allow everyone to participate. With this game, the brand has...

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